School-Age Programs for Children with Autism

School-Age Programs for Children with Autism

Edited by Jan S. Handleman and Sandra Harris


The strides made by very young children who have experienced intensive treatment are often impressive. In the past 15 years, the treatment outcome literature has focused primarily on the substantial gains that preschool children with autism can achieve when provided with early, intensive programming. However, children served by preschool programs grow up and create a demand for the development of school-age programs. This book focuses on programs for youngsters who continue to need special programs of some kind, whether in the public schools or in a specialised program for children with autism.


The same editors who first brought you Preschool Education Programs for Children with Autism a decade ago have gathered nine contributors to describe their specific programs for school-aged children with autism. These programs were selected because of their reputation among professionals and parents. The programs are urban, suburban, and rural; private, public, and university based; long-standing and relatively new. The array of program models represented in School-Age Education Programs for Children with Autism will give the reader an appreciation of how one may adapt services to the setting in which one functions.


Following the program descriptions, two additional chapters discuss the issues faced by students, their families, and their schools as the youngsters mature and move away from preschool to school-age programs, and from the school system to adult years. If you work with or care for school-age child with autism, you will want to have this book.


est. 266 pages, softcover, 2006 ISBN 1-4164-0130-X

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