Scissors, Glue and Artic Too!

Scissors, Glue and Artic Too!

Ages 4-9 years

There are 17 phoneme units:

  • h, p, b, m
  • k, g
  • t, d
  • f, v
  • s, z
  • r, l
  • sh, ch 
  • th

Each unit has activities to practice the target sound in the initial, medial, and final positions.  Captivating art adds to the fun and excitement of each activity. 

Children cut, paste, and color these activities in every unit:

  • syllable practice sheets
  • picture scenes with corresponding picture squares
  • folder activities

The following activities vary from unit to unit:

  • finger puppets
  • pop up straw figures
  • story mobiles
  • accordion animals
  • puzzles
  • flip books
  • picture wheels

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