Scissors, Glue and Phonological Processes Too!

Scissors, Glue and Phonological Processes Too!

Ages 4-9 years

Target these common phonological processes:

  • Final Consonant Deletion
  • Fronting
  • Stopping
  • Stridency Deletion
  • Pre-Vocalic Voicing
  • Consonant Cluster Reduction
  • Gliding

Each phonological process/unit has a large selection of reproducible pictures.  The activities progress in difficulty from words, to phrases, to sentences, and storytelling.  There are eight activities for each phonological process/unit:

  • "Container" worksheet and minimal pair pictures—discriminate between minimal pairs by gluing pictures into contrasting compartments on the worksheet
  • Maze—cut out pictures and glue them along the maze and practice target words at an appropriate level of difficulty
  • Picture Scene—cut and glue pictures onto a scene and target phonological processes at the word, sentence, or connected speech level
  • Hidden Pictures—cut the flaps on the scene, place a sheet of pictures behind the scene, and lift the flaps to reveal the hidden pictures
  • Crazy Animal—cut and paste assorted parts and accessories (words loaded with the target sounds) onto illustrations of animals
  • Fun with Phrases—cut and paste minimal pairs pictures above their matching phrases
  • Sequence Stories—arrange pictures in sequential order and retell the story using the target words at the sentence and connected speech levels
  • Create-a-Story—create stand up characters and items to go along with picture scenes

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