Seldom Heard Voices in Service User Involvement: The how and why of meaningful collaboration

Anna Volkmer & Katherine Broomfield
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Anna Volkmer & Katherine Broomfield (Eds)

ISBN13: 978-1-907826-50-4

Release Date: May 2022

Many communities are often excluded from research, service development and public consultations because they are considered too difficult to engage with. This list of seldom heard voices includes people with communication difficulties and/or mental health diagnoses, children and young people, minority and ethnic groups, and many more. Increasingly, there is a drive to be more inclusive and what sparse guidance there is suggests there should be engagement and communication with the relevant community, involving them in decision-making, co-design or co-produce at all levels. But how is this carried out?

Seldom Heard Voices in Service User Involvement is the first book that shares experiences and examples of service user involvement with communities of seldom heard voices. As well as being a practical resource for clinicians, it will provide a resource for future health and social care professionals and researchers. Additionally, it will bring together expertise and experience from across a range of seldom heard voices, ultimately sharing and maximizing the transfer of knowledge and resource.