Self-Management and Cognitive Behavior Interventions

Crutchfield and Wood
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Stephen A. Crutchfield and Leah Wood

(Part of the PRO-ED Series on Autism Spectrum Disorders–Second Edition)

Self-Management and Cognitive Behavior Interventions is a guide to using cognitive behavior modification (CBM) with students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to increase the student's self-management.

CBM approaches include self-management intervention (SMI) and cognitive behavior intervention (CBI). SMI is synonymous with self-regulation and encompasses a variety of cognitive processes, such as controlling emotions, attending to relevant information, planning future behavior, remaining flexible through unplanned setbacks, and behaving in a way that enhances the likelihood of achieving future goals. SMI is managed by the student and is used to address a wide variety of target behaviors. CBI helps individuals examine their thoughts and emotions and adopt actions that change their thinking as well as their behavior.

This book examines specific, research-based cognitive behavior interventions and self-management interventions and explores designing and implementing interventions for students with ASD.


Part One: Self-Management Interventions

  • What Are Self-Management Interventions?
  • What Type of Students With ASD Benefit From SMIs?
  • What Are Goal-Setting Interventions?
  • What Types of Goals Should We Support Students With ASD in Setting?
  • What Prerequisite Skills Do Students With ASD Need for Goal-Setting Interventions?
  • Steps in Implementing Goal-Setting Interventions
  • Why Are Goal-Setting Interventions Important to Students With ASD?
  • What Are Self-Monitoring Interventions?
  • What Prerequisite Skills Do Students With ASD Need for Self-Monitoring Interventions?
  • Steps in Implementing Self-Monitoring Interventions
  • What Are Self-Reinforcement Interventions?
  • What Prerequisite Skills Do Students With ASD Need for Relf-Reinforcement Interventions?
  • Steps in Implementing Self-Reinforcement Interventions
  • Why Are Self-Reinforcement Interventions Important to Students With ASD?
  • Self-Management Case Study

Part Two: Cognitive Behavior Interventions

  • What Are Cognitive Behavior Interventions?
  • Multicomponent CBI Programs
  • CBI Case Study: Mr. Hill's Seventh-Grade Homeroom

108 pages • 6" x 9" • softcover • ©2018