Sounds Abound: Listening, Rhyming and Reading Book

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Ages: 4-7
Grades: PreK-2

Build skills students need to become proficient readers with an evidence-based, systematic progression of lessons. The 125 one- and two-page lessons help students connect letters with sounds and improve early reading achievement. The lessons are organized into five skill areas in order of development.

Each skill area begins with picture-supported lessons and progresses to listening tasks without pictures. Determine student progress with a pre- and posttest for every unit.

The scope and sequence of lessons are:

  • Rhyming
    • identify rhymes
    • supply rhyming words with and without cues
    • play games and sing songs to practice saying words that rhyme
  • Beginning and Ending Sounds
    • identify sounds at the beginning and end of words
    • produce words that begin with the same sound as target words
    • play games and sing songs to practice saying words with the same sounds
  • Segmenting and Blending
    • segment the syllables in words
    • blend syllables into words
    • segment the phonemes in words
    • blend phonemes into words
  • Putting Sounds Together with Letters
    • learn that letters represent phonemes
    • use letters of the alphabet to make words