Literacy Plus Sounds and Vowels

Sounds & Vowels

Keys to Literacy Progress

For students aged 6-14 years


When students experience literacy skill weakness in reading and spelling, the most common areas of weakness are with:

· Sounds - Phonological awareness - hearing sounds in words, listing them to spell words, blending them when sounding out words, etc.


· Vowels - Whilst most students master consonant letters (b,m f, etc) and their sounds, they commonly have great difficulty working with the vowel sounds of words.


Sounds & Vowels builds fluent permanent mastery of skills in four key areas:

Þ Phonological Awareness Activities

Þ Words with Vowels a-e-i-o-u

Þ Words with Bossy-e Vowels

Þ Words with Consonant Blends


Class teachers, speech pathologists and learning support professionals will find Sounds & Vowels the ideal resource for core literacy skill development:

   · Powerful research based strategies build automatic skills and permanent mastery.

   · Easy theory explains learning breakdown, and how best to support students' learning.

   · Fun mottos, Understanding Why pages and contracts build student understanding of how they learn best.

   · Games, games and more games mean 'Learning Made Fun.'


Included in the Sounds & Vowels range:

Sounds & Vowels Masterbook

Suitable for all educational professionals and parents, designed for self-paced teaching and learning. The hub of the module. Four activity sections full of games and fun.    

LP21...Sounds & Vowels Masterbook
Receive a Free standard Student Workbook with every Masterbook purchase.


Sounds & Vowels Student Workbook

For individual student use. Use in conjunction with the Masterbook. Contains all Masterbook activities.

LP24...Sounds & Vowels Student Workbook Standard Version (Contact us for Discount Prices for bulk orders).
LP33...Blackline Version - Photocopiable   

Sounds & Vowels Postergames

Full colour A4 and A3 laminated game versions of all Masterbook games. Students love them. Includes free games folder.

LP27...A4 size Set (21 games)       
LP28...A3 size Set (21 games)   

Sounds & Vowels Wallcharts

Four full colour, laminated teaching charts. An invaluable teaching aid.

LP29...Sounds & Vowels Wallcharts A4 size
LP30...Sounds & Vowels Wallcharts A3 size       

Sounds & Vowels - Vowel Word Fun

Playing Cards

Play Memory & Snap games to build automatic skill with words with regular vowels. 7 Sounds & Vowels card games. 1 set vowel flashcards. Real and nonsense words. Free storage folder included.

LP32...Vowel Word Fun Playing Cards 

Sounds & Vowels Value Pack

Save over $156.00 and enjoy the full Sounds & Vowels module with our Full A4 Sounds & Vowels Value Pack, includes: Masterbook, Blackline and Standard Student Workbooks, A4 Wallcharts, A4 Postergames, The Literacy Plus CD, Game Folder.

LP31...Full A4 Sounds & Vowels Value Pack  

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