Source for Processing Disorder 2nd Edition

Gail J. Richard

Ages: 5–Adult Grades: K–Adult

This second edition provides updated discussions on auditory and language processing, including definitions, differentiation between the two areas, assessment suggestions, and intervention ideas. Based on current research findings, this text presents clinical applications for approaching processing disorders.

Neurological and behavioral characteristics of processing disorders are defined along a continuum of skills in acoustic, phonetic, and linguistic domains. As a result, professionals can differentiate among the varied aspects of auditory and language processing and focus treatment for successful, accountable outcomes.

This book provides:

  • Explanation of the assessment tasks for auditory and language processing disorders

  • Case examples to illustrate the differential diagnosis of auditory versus language aspects of processing deficits

  • Outline of intervention targets, including both compensatory and skill aspects of auditory and language processing

  • Reproducible outlines, quizzes, checklists, and case studies

176 pages        ©2017             ISBN: 9781416410607