SPARC® for Attributes

SPARC® for Attributes

Ages 4-10 years

Busy clinicians rely on the SPARC series for:

  • convenience and portability
  • loads of pictures and practice opportunities
  • a systematic progression of discrete skills  

The book is organized into sixteen themed units (e.g., fruits, furniture, zoo animals, and sports).  Each unit has five two-page activities.  Each activity consists of a page of pictured items and a page of corresponding stimuli for the instructor. 

Each unit targets four skill areas:

  • Understanding Attributes—identify important attributes such as category, size, color, parts, and uses by pointing, naming, and using prior knowledge
  • Naming, Sorting & Identifying Attributes—brainstorm items in a category, use a picture scene to name eight items in a category, sort items by one or two attributes, and identify one or two common attributes for a small group
  • Comparing Two Members of a Category—describe how two items are alike and different
  • Understanding & Completing Definitions—identify the critical features of items and use them to make word definitions

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165 pages
SPARC® for Attributes
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