SPARC® for Concepts

SPARC® for Concepts

· Ages: 4-10
· Grades: PreK-5

Wonderful pictures and matching lessons teach over 90 concepts in SPARC for Concepts. Proficiency with concepts is important for school success, particularly for direction-following and reading skills. SPARC for Concepts is designed to teach children comprehension and usage of a variety of concepts through a progression of activities. 


· Helps students understand and use a variety of concepts in their language
· Improves direction-following and reading skills
· Helps children succeed in school  


· Teaches 90 concepts through a progression of skills
· Contains mini scenes and full-page picture scenes to teach concepts
· Contains a resource of pictures that can be used for a variety of purposes in language therapy
· A handy book list extends concept teaching into literature 

Teach 90 concepts with SPARC for Concepts 


above/below, near/far, together/separate, in front of/in back of, top/bottom, and more


large/small, tall/short, wide/narrow, rough/smooth, same/different, straight/crooked, missing, and more


every/each, more/less, several/none, many/a few, pair, and more


before/after and beginning/end,


large/larger/largest, small/smaller/smallest, tall/taller/tallest, short/shorter/shortest, heavy/heavier/heaviest, light/lighter/lightest, and more 

Each concept in SPARC for Concepts is taught in a progression of activities:

Concept example pictures

These pictures illustrate the target concept(s) and its opposite (or a negative when no opposite is available).

Contrast pictures

Each picture contains two or three examples of the target concept(s), including its opposite (or non-examples of the concept when no opposite is available).

Concept scenes

These full-page scenes contain multiple examples of the target concept(s) as well as non-examples of the concept. These scenes are accompanied by directions and questions for specific receptive and expressive practice.

Comparative/superlative concept pictures

These pictures illustrate target concepts in comparative and superlative forms.

Use these pictures for flashcards, lotto games, or barrier games. The possibilities are endless! We’ve also included a list of children’s books that contain the concepts addressed in this book. These books will give your students additional practice with the concepts as well as provide them with a literary experience. 

Basic concepts are the building blocks of vocabulary knowledge. Help your students understand concepts commonly found in school directions and classroom tasks with SPARC for Concepts.

Copyright © 1996 

Components: 226 Pages, Pictures, Matching Lessons, Suggested Book List 

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