SPARC® for Phonology

SPARC® for Phonology

Ages 4-10 years

Busy clinicians rely on the SPARC series for: 

  • loads of pictures
  • convenience and portability
  • systematic measures of speed and accuracy of production

SPARC for Phonology is a comprehensive compilation of pictures (80 pages of 16-picture grids) and auditory bombardment lists.  The pictures and lists are arranged by phonological process and include single-syllable and multisyllabic words.  The pictures target fifteen phonological processes:

  • Syllable Reduction     
  • Initial Consonant Deletion
  • Final Consonant Deletion       
  • Cluster Reduction (pre- and postvocalic)
  • Gliding       
  • Vowelization                
  • Fronting (pre- and postvocalic)
  • Backing      
  • Stopping (pre- and postvocalic)
  • Stridency Deletion (pre- and postvocalic) 
  • Affrication (pre- and postvocalic)     
  • Deaffrication        
  • Voicing    
  • Devoicing

Use the pictures and word lists to:

  • deep test phonological patterns
  • determine error consistency
  • imitate picture names
  • label pictures and answer questions about them
  • make up sentences about the pictures
  • copy and send home for practice 

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