SPARC Revised

Ages 4-10 years

Busy clinicians rely on the SPARC series for:

  • tons of picture stimuli
  • convenience and portability
  • quick measures of progress
  • use in a variety of therapy approaches

Each stimulus page has a 20-picture grid with a corresponding page of word lists, sentences, or concepts.  The grids are organized into three sections:

Vocabulary and Concepts

The grids are organized by categories (e.g., occupations, school, animals, food, clothes), opposites, similarities and differences, associations, actions, homophones, and parts of a whole. 

Syntax and Morphology

The picture grids depict verbs, pronouns, plurals, and possessives.  Corresponding answer keys are on the facing page. 


The practice grids are for initial and final b, p, t, k, g, f, v, r blends, and s blends; initial, medial, and final th, ch, sh, s, r, and l; and initial l blends.      

Use the 20-picture grids for:

  • precision teaching and drills
  • timed practice
  • informal assessment and progress checks
  • take-home practice
  • comprehension and labeling skills
  • asking and answering questions
  • sentence formulation
  • flash card practice

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SPARC Revised