Speech and Language Development Chart

Speech and Language Development Chart

Third Edition

Addy Gard, Leslea Gilman, and James Gorman


These 96.5 cm wide by 66 cm deep wall charts continue to serve as quick and easy references to speech and language developmental milestones.


Teachers, clinicians, parents, and others concerned with children's speech and language development can use the charts as working model for guideline assessment and therapy practices.


The milestones are arranged into 14 age segments ranging from birth to 7 years of age. Each age segment lists examples of phonology, semantics, play, syntax-morphology, and pragmatic behaviours characteristic of the age segment.


A deluxe colour version is now available!

In addition to the information and features of the regular version, the deluxe version includes:

·   Colour printing for more attractive wall use

·   Rolled and shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube to prevent creases

·   High-quality, heavy-weight paper

·   Varnished for protection

·   Pre-drilled corner holes for easy, tear-free hanging


6087...Speech and Language Development Chart 2nd Edition
6085...Deluxe Colour Speech and Language Development Chart 2nd Edition
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