Speech and Language Handouts

Speech and Language Handouts

Second Edition

Mary Brooks and Deedra Engmann-Hartung

Illustrated by Merrily Johnson


This is a collection of creatively illustrated tear-off sheets that clinicians, physicians, speech pathologists, paediatricians, and others can give to parents who are concerned about their child's speech and language development. It is newly revised, adding 6 new topics to the original 13, and now includes a Resource Guide to aid parents in the use of the worksheets. The series is packaged in 19 separate topics, with 25 identical double-sided sheets in each 15 x 23cm pad, so that professionals can tear off one sheet at a time and give them to parents who need minor help with a child’s speech development evaluation.


Nine of the handouts in the series list typical milestones in the speech and language development of children from the ages of 6 months to 6 years. Also listed are ways that parents can stimulate their infant's or child's speech and language. Six of the handouts are concerned with children's speech problems and how parents can help, such as How to Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary and If You Think Your Child Stutters. Three other handouts provide guidelines to (a) help determine if a child's hearing is normal and recommend ways to help the child listen better, and (b) prevent hearing loss. A final handout tells parents how best to read to their child and how to choose a good book.


COMPLETE PROGRAM: One each of all 13 pads (50 sheets per pad)

10365...Complete Speech & Language Handout Series-2
10370...Speech & Language Handouts-2 Developmental Kit
10380...Speech & Language Handouts-2 Topical Kit
10371...Speech and Language of the 6-12 Month Old
10372...Speech and Language of the 12-17 Month Old
10373...Speech and Language of the 18 Month Old
10374...Speech and Language of the 2 Year Old  
10375...Speech and Language of the 2½ Year Old  
10376...Speech and Language of the 3 Year Old
10377...Speech and Language of the 4 Year Old  
10378...Speech and Language of the 5 Year Old  
10379...Speech and Language of the 6 Year Old
10381...How to Help Your Child Develop Pragmatic Language Skills  
10382...How to Help Your Child Listen
10383...How to Help Your Child Prevent Hearing Loss From Noise Exposure  
10384...How to Increase Your Child’s Vocabulary
10385...How to Keep Your Child’s Voice Healthy
10386...How to Teach Your Child Early Writing Skills
10387...If You Think Your Child Has a Speech Problem
10388...If You Think Your Child Stutters
10389...Reading to Your Child
10390...If You Think Your Child Has a Hearing Loss
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