Speech and Voice Science 3rd Edition

Speech and Voice Science, Third Edition is the only textbook to provide comprehensive and detailed information on both voice source and vocal tract contributions to speech production. Because the writing style is user friendly for all levels of students, instructors report using this book for a wide variety of courses, including undergraduate and graduate courses in acoustic phonetics, speech science, instrumentation, and voice disorders. Heavily revised and updated, this third edition offers multiple new resources for instructors and students to enhance classroom learning and active student participation. At the same time, this revised textbook provides flexibility to allow instructors to construct a classroom learning experience that best suits their course objectives.

New to the Third Edition:

  • The PluralPlus companion website provides new study aids and teaching materials for students and instructors:

For students:
Study aids such as key terms and review questions for each chapter
- A speech science game for a lighthearted way to help study

For instructors:
- How to create a "flipped" classroom to provide a more effective learning experience for both undergraduates and graduates
- Revised and updated slides for traditional classroom lectures
- Responses to the Clinical Case questions to guide classroom discussions or testing

  • A new chapter addresses Speech Prosody with updated and expanded coverage of the acoustic properties that contribute to stress, prominence, and speech rhythm, and the clinical relevance of acoustic measurement of prosody
  • A new chapter on Instrumentation that covers basic information on digital data acquisition, microphones, and recording for clinical and research purposes
  • Re-organization of introductory material provides a new chapter on the physics of motion to prepare students to learn about the acoustics of sound waves
  • Clinical cases have been included in each chapter to help students apply speech science principles to clinical practice
  • 49 revised spectrogram figures with increased clarity of key acoustic features of vowels and consonants
  • A newly designed 2 color interior

Key Features:

  • A highly readable writing style that allows students to grasp difficult concepts
  • Heavily illustrated to enhance information provided in the text
  • Each chapter includes section study questions to help students make sure that they are focusing on key concepts
  • Side bars throughout the text provide a deeper dive into related topics
    Alison Behrman
    Details: 450 pages, Color Illustrations (2 Color), Softcover, 8.5 x 11"
    Included Media: Companion Website
    ISBN13: 978-1-59756-935-4
    Release Date: 01/08/2017