Spotlight on Articulation 6-Book/CD Set

Spotlight on Articulation 6-Book/CD Set
· Ages: 5-10
· Grades: K-5

 Complete your articulation library with this collection of resources targeting the remediation of the r, s, sh, ch, l, and k/g sounds. Your students will enjoy the playful art and engaging games found in each Spotlight on Articulation book.


· Addresses the most common misarticulated sounds: r, s, sh, ch, l, and k/g in the initial, medial, and final positions of words

· Includes activities that are arranged in a hierarchy by sound position in words

· Contains a built-in hierarchy for each sound, moving from one syllable to multisyllabic words

· Uses a variety of words to allow for practice in many different phonetic contexts

· Improves articulation with repetitive and engaging activities

· Format is consistent across each book in the Spotlight on Articulation series

· Can be used with individuals or small groups working on the same or different sounds

· Saves you time—each activity sheet is designed to be pick-up-and-use ready 


· 40 pages of reproducible, ready-to-use practice activities addressing the r, s, sh, ch, l, and k/g sounds

· Provides an abundance of hands-on activities for articulation practice, including: mazes, rebus stories, sentence fill-ins, games, picture scenes, story sequencing.


Each book includes:

· Tips for production outlining ready-to-implement techniques for each sound

· A progress chart so you can track articulation progress

· An answer key located on each activity page

· engaging illustrations/artwork

Copyright © 2006


Components: 6-Book Set: each book 40 pages, progress chart   

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