Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1 6-Book Set/CD

Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1 6-Book Set/CD

· Ages: 6-8
· Grades: 1-3
· Unique, innovative learning hooks designed to help students remember new vocabulary are packed into every Spotlight book.
· Recognise and use specific strategies to understand and use an increasingly rich vocabulary
· Expand working vocabulary and curricular vocabulary 


· Takes a semantic approach instead of focusing only on words and their definitions
· Vocabulary skills transfer to spoken and written language
· Students will understand the relationships between words
· Select the skill most appropriate for each student or use the complete set
· Six 40-page books in the set give you: 
Clear, concise directions streamlined for students with limited language proficiency
Semantic approach to vocabulary instruction
In-depth practice
Vocabulary taken from graded vocabulary lists, the words students must know
Progressive level of difficulty of tasks
Lively illustrations in a variety of activities
The right balance of practice without too much on a page
Goals and objectives
Answer key  


· Reproducible activity pages
· Pretest/posttest
· Answer key


Individual books include:

Antonyms, Level 1— teaches how to choose and use opposites in activities that connects past knowledge to new learning. Students learn to find true antonyms, build antonyms by adding word parts, and exchange antonyms in stories and in games.  

Associations, Level 1— teaches how to recognise associations between words and that organising vocabularies via word associations means easier storage and word retrieval. Students learn ten ways to make associations: colour, shape, use, actions, category, synonyms, antonyms, and rhyme. 
Attributes —teaches how to use words to describe things in many different ways. Students match pictures with words, name describing words, match describing words, sort pictures, name by attribute, find describing words in sentences, and list describing words. 
Categories —Sorting into categories is an efficient way to store information and a basic language-learning skill. Children with language and learning delays benefit from direct instruction as they often miss common characteristics among objects or do not develop sophisticated sorting/grouping skills. Your students will learn the many ways items can be grouped and that items in one group can belong to different categories. 

Concepts —Teaching concepts is key to learning the math, science, language arts, and social studies curriculums. Concepts from seven categories from grades 1-3 form the focus of this Spotlight book: quantity, degree/intensity, numbers, time/sequence, addition/subtraction, calendar dates, and space/direction. 

Synonyms, Level 1— teaches that synonyms mean the same thing with shades of differences. Students learn how to recognise a true synonym and how the slight differences in meaning influence usage. 

Also sold individually:

Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1 Antonyms
Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1 Associations
Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1 Attributes
Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1 Categories
Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1 Concepts
Spotlight on Vocabulary Level 1 Synonyms
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Components: 6-Book Set: each book 40 pages, reproducible activity pages, pretest/posttest, goals and objectives, answer key 

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