Stuttering Intervention: A Collaborative Journey to Fluency Freedom–Second Edition

“A comprehensive, scholarly, and moving textbook aimed at helping both students and practicing clinician develop the skills they need to become valuable partners in the therapy process for people who stutter.”

J. Scott Yaruss, PhD

This second edition incorporates many new topics critical for deep understanding of the stuttering disorder, including new and emerging treatment strategies, evidence-based practice, the evaluation of treatment outcomes, the value of self-help and mutual aid, clinical training and specialization, and global perspectives on the nature and treatment of stuttering.


  • Background about fluent and disfluent speech
  • Factors that affect development and maintenance of the disorder
  • Concrete strategies for evaluating and treating stuttering across the life span
  • Strong theoretical background that helps clinicians conceptualize the disorder
  • Comprehensive perspective on the effect stuttering can have on people’s lives
  • Meaningful links to other disciplines that can support and enhance interactions with clients
  • Direct suggestions about how clinicians can develop their skills
  • Guidance to cultivate genuine empathy for people who stutter and their families
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