Success at Work: Transitions to Employment – Course Starter Kit

Success at Work: Transitions to Employment – Course Starter Kit


TARGET GROUP: 9th Grade to Adult


This complete program facilitates students' transition from high school to the world of work through multimedia materials including an engaging video a well-structured Student Work Guide. An extensive Teacher Lesson Planner is included.


The DVD features six real-life students/graduates with specific learning disabilities and/or ADHD in transition from high school into the workforce. They openly discuss the challenges they have faced and how they have attained success through self-advocacy and positive self-efficacy beliefs. This program is being implemented by regular & special education teachers and career counsellors to facilitate students' transition from school to work. Students gain greater confidence, become effective self-advocates, and learn how to plan for their future in the workplace.


Sections and Key Concepts


Section One: About LD & ADHD

•  Understanding LD, ADHD

•  Discussing the importance of self-advocacy for the transition to work

•  Understanding your profile – strengths and difficulties

•  Self-assessment

•  Reviewing school & training options

•  Learning the language to describe your profile


Section Two: Acceptance

•  Understanding how to ‘reframe’ your learning difference

•  Learning how to take control & responsibility for your future goals

•  Creating a support system including mentors

•  Getting on to the path of acceptance by focusing on your strengths & compartmentalising your difficulties


Section Three: Work Options

•  Exploring & researching career options

•  Learning about successful adults with learning differences

•  Researching and exploring entrepreneurial options

•  Considering ‘dream’ jobs

•  Identifying important worker characteristics

•  Evaluating workplace preferences & values

•  Exploring social and communication skills required for success in the workplace

•  Researching the top ten fastest growing occupations


Section Four: School to Work

•  Discussing independence & responsibilities: school to work

•  Understanding your rights & responsibilities under the law

•  Focusing on your strengths – specialisation & the world of work

•  Discussing social structure changes


Section Five: Transition Planning

•  Identifying your transferable skills

•  Planning your transition with a team

•  Connecting with community support services

•  Participating in career exploration options

•  Preparing for your IEP meeting


Section Six: Self-advocacy

•  Reviewing self-advocacy skills for the workplace

•  Understanding the issue of disclosure

•  Evaluating dramatised interview & disclosure situations

•  Self-assessment – evaluating your self-advocacy skills

•  Describing your learning profile in a work situation

•  Connecting to JAN and other advocacy groups



•  Student Work Guide (5 pack)

•  Teacher Lesson Planner

•  55-minute DVD with Discussion Guide


12930...Success at Work Course Starter Kit

12931...Success at Work Student Work Guide (5)

12932...Success at Work Teacher Lesson Planner

12933...Success at Work DVD

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