Teaching Students Who Are Disturbed and Disturbing: An Integrative Approach–Third Edition


Teaching Students Who Are Disturbed and Disturbing–Third Edition prepares teachers to use specific evidence-based interventions for their students with behavioral problems. Case studies, activities, examples, and curricular exercises illustrate the interventions and engage the educator in applying the concepts. The text is divided into three units and thirteen chapters.

In Unit 1, ecological and behavioral factors that can influence the education of students who are disturbed and disturbing are emphasized. In Unit 2, the impact of moral development and reasoning on the cognitions and behaviors of students is examined. Theory and classroom examples are presented to assist the educator in correlating students’ behaviors to the moral development models of Piaget and Kohlberg. In Unit 3, Rational-Emotive Behavioral Therapy, a combination of cognitive, behavioral, and emotive components, is explored. The implementation of rational-emotive behavioral therapy is discussed to teach students and teachers that they can effectively combat their own disturbed feelings

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