The Apraxia of Speech Stimulus Library - Complete Kit

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The Apraxia of Speech Stimulus Library is a treatment program designed for people whose speech is verbally apraxic. It provides extensive stimuli as well as an organized, practical approach to treatment based on proven therapeutic methods.

The rehabilitation program consists of a full spectrum of tasks and goals that address individual skill levels in adult clients. You get target movements, words, phrases, sentences, and pictures, plus detailed reproducible data collection forms in each box.

Use the research-based manual to support your treatment techniques. The manual contains:

  • An overview of current understanding of apraxia speech
  • Suggestions for adaptations and individualization
  • Discussion of therapeutic methodologies
  • Recommended treatment outlines
  • Ideas for encouraging self-monitoring
  • Instructions for carryover facilitation

Reduce your preparation time with these boxed sets, each conveniently arranged according to length and complexity of utterance. Take advantage of high-interest words and practical phrases for your adult clients. Two sets are available, each in its own sturdy box:

  • Set 1: Basic—oromotor exercises; VC, CV words; CVC words; CV, CVC voiceless­/voiced pairs; words with blends; compound words; words with increasing length; 3- and 4- syllable words; ADL 3-word phrases; ADL carrier phrases and sentences
  • Set 2: Pictorial Supplement—same features as Set 1, illustrated for nonreaders

Use the reproducible data collection forms for tracking patient progress and to meet the stringent requirements for Medicare and other insurance programs.

COMPLETE PROGRAM: 99- to 101-page manual, 2 boxes of 250+ cards, 6 to 9 Data- Collection sheets