The Idioms Workbook

The Idioms Workbook

Second Edition

This revision combines the first edition's seven workbooks into one comprehensive manual. The Idioms Workbook can be used in either group or individual settings. It is for use with school-aged children with language disorders, students learning English as a second language, and adults with cognitive impairments.

Each idiom is presented in the context of a short paragraph accompanied by an illustration. This presentation facilitates students' ability to learn idioms by abstracting the meaning from the linguistic context. Five exercises also accompany each idiom, covering its definition, its application, vocabulary development, comprehension, and application of the idiom to the students' own experiences. This engaging workbook comes with humorous illustrations, teaching suggestions, and an answer key. It includes 265 reproducible worksheets with 27 sets of "check-up" questions and answer keys in 8 sections.

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