The Mini Inventory of Right Brain Injury - MIRBI-2

The Mini Inventory of Right Brain Injury - MIRBI-2

Second Edition    
Patricia A. Pimental and Jeffrey A. Knight


The MIRBI­-2 lets you quickly screen clients for neurocognitive deficits associated with right hemisphere lesions. Its development meets the need for a brief, standardised, right-brain injury screening instrument that yields severity levels for deficit areas. Test reviews and professionals’ comments from the field were incorporated into the new edition.


New Features:

·   More data were collected on normal, right, and left brain injured individuals.

·   The number of cases in the interscorer reliability study was increased and relevant analyses were conducted on the expanded dataset.

·   Many new validity studies have been conducted, with particular emphasis on the relationships of MIRBI­-2 scores to other measures of neurocognitive impairment.

·   A principal components factor analysis was performed to test construct validity of the items.

·   Each item in the test was reevaluated using conventional item analysis to establish the underlying statistical foundation.

·   A revised Right­Left Differential Scale was created with an updated cutoff score for right brain impairment.

·   A table for converting raw scores to percentiles and stanine scores was added.

·   The rationale has been updated to reflect current trends in neuropsychology.

·   The test booklet was revised to include more user-friendly areas for recording patient information, as well as revised criteria for scoring patient responses.

·   A tear-off response pad has been added for additional convenience, featuring a response sheet for items 1 and 2 on one side, and the Reading Ability paragraph for completion of items 7 and 8 on the other.

·   A caliper is included for convenience and to standardise administration across examiners.


The MIRBI­-2 was normed on 128 right-brain injured people. Reliability was estimated by coefficient alpha (.84). All item discrimination coefficients exceeded .3 acceptable levels and ranged from .37 to .81, median: .57. Inter-rater reliability was .99. Concurrent validity was very good and included the study of left-brain injured participants and control participants without brain injury.


COMPLETE MIRBI-2 KIT INCLUDES: Manual, 25 Examiner Record Booklets, 25 Report Forms, 25 Response Sheets, and a Caliper, all in a sturdy storage box. (2000)


9150...MIRBI-2 Complete Kit    
9151...MIRBI-2 Manual
9152...MIRBI-2 Examiner Record Booklets (25)  
9153...MIRBI-2 Record Forms (25)  
9154...MIRBI-2 Response Sheets (25)  
9155...MIRBI-2 Caliper
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