The Scenario Test

Katerina Hilari and Lucy Dipper
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Katerina Hilari and Lucy Dipper

Published: July 2020

ISBN: 978-1-907826-47-4

The Scenario Test (validated in the UK) is a daily life communication measure for people with aphasia. It is based on the Dutch original first published in 2010. It is a psychometrically robust measure tested on a group of 74 people with aphasia and 20 people with stroke without aphasia in the UK. The Scenario Test measures how a person with aphasia conveys everyday messages, verbally and/or nonverbally, in an interactive setting. A main strength of The Scenario Test is that it captures all types of communication and how effective they are and it is thus suitable for people with severe aphasia, with no or very limited verbal language.

The Scenario Test presents six everyday scenarios and asks the person with aphasia to adopt the role of a character who is faced with a communicative task. Three messages are elicited for each of the following six scenarios: shopping, taking a taxi, visiting the doctor, a social visit, talking to the housekeeper, and in a restaurant. During administration, prompts are provided as needed by the administrator in an interactive way and all modes of communication, verbal and non-verbal, are encouraged and included in the analysis. Therefore, each assessment should be video recorded and scored retrospectively to ensure all aspects of communication are captured.

The Test comprises: A manual that provides instructions for how to administer, score and interpret the test; A set of 15 forms to be used with clients; And a ring-bound book of the illustrations.

Bonus Material: A PowerPoint presentation providing training on The Scenario Test and its administration is available FREE to those purchasing the test.

Also Available: Pack of 20 Scoring Forms - Code J041

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