The Singer's Voice

Each type of performer, whether singer, voiceover artists, dancer/singers, instrumentalist/singers, brings specific issues to the voice treatment team and requires special individual attention from the various members of the team, from laryngologist to speech pathologist, singing or voice teacher.

The Singer's Voice identifies these individuals, presents reports on cases with special needs and offers myriad solutions that help to preserve the voice and prevent further damage. It is written by a world-leading group of dedicated professionals from an array of disciplines related to the care and treatment of individuals who use their voices in professional settings. Ranging from current day performers to choral conductors to past rock and roll musicians, all contributors have shown a dedication to the care of the singer and performer through their studios, academic training, their research interests and experience, and their clinical and/or their performance background.

The content is thoroughly practical and written to be accessible to a wide range of voice professionals, particularly singing and voice teachers; instructors in the various performing arts; those who provide medical and allied health care; and, indeed, performers and students themselves.

"The wide-ranging, practical information in The Singer's Voice makes it useful for members of voice treatment teams in their understanding of the medical, physical and psychological issues particular to singers and performers, as well as being an accessibly written reference for all voice professionals, especially actors, singer, choral directors, vocal coaches, and voice teachers."
-- Martha Howe, international vocal coach and teacher.