Source® for Behavior Management in Autism

The Source® for Behavior Management in Autism


· Ages: 3-12

· Grades: PreK-7


Examine some of the characteristics of autism that can lead to "behaviour problems" in the child with autism and use the interventions to help these children avoid behaviour challenges.

l Keep children with autism calm, focused, and ready to learn

l Recognise and modify common behaviour patterns

l Prevent meltdowns and establish safety procedures


Part 1 of the book explains why children with autism have challenging behaviors. You'll learn:

l the characteristics of autism and how its associated problems affect behaviour

l to analyse behaviour and determine the "why" of challenging behaviours

l how to manage behaviour through adjustments to the environment; the use of positive reinforcement objects, schedules, transitions, and communication methods; setting expectations; and more

l to recognise the three stages of the rage cycle and how to intervene at each stage

l techniques to handle common problems with toileting, feeding, running away and darting, and climbing


The book includes these reproducible materials that have been successfully used in schools and clinics and are easily adapted to meet the individual needs of each student:


-classroom survey to identify sensory challenges in the school setting

-crisis plan form

-functional assessment form

-intervention form

-positive reinforcement choice cards

-social skills lessons

-sample behaviour plans

-scripts for step-by-step routines

-preschool and classroom transitions cards

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Components: 158 pages, evaluation tools, forms, glossary, worksheets


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