Source® for Stuttering and Cluttering

The Source® for Stuttering and Cluttering

The Source for Stuttering and Cluttering is based on three decades of working with over a thousand fluency-disordered individuals.  The unique approach allows clients to reflect on feelings and attitudes related to communication while working on the steps to fluent speech.  The book describes very specific, step-by-step procedures for teaching clients to integrate speech-motor skills with the cognitive strategies underlying fluency.  The stuttering program has two phases:

Phase I—Orientation and Motor-Speech Practice Phase
Very discreet oral-motor response patterns are taught, one at a time.  Clients read, re-read, and practice the material while concentrating.

Phase II—Cognitive and Self-Instructional Strategies
This section covers the attitudinal and cognitive strategies necessary for durable, lasting improvement.  Not only must clients hear themselves getting better verbally, they must "see themselves" more fluent in the future through imagery.  Easy-to-follow, guided relaxation; affirmation training; and self-talk strategies are included.

The last section of the book provides a comprehensive account of cluttering.  Learn the obligatory symptoms of cluttering, how to assess it, and how to devise a successful treatment program. 

An audio CD included with the program contains:

  • examples of voicing practice and relaxation practice
  • examples of common client errors
  • cluttering voice samples
  • checklist for possible cluttering

Customers tell us that procedures in The Source for Stuttering and Cluttering yield better results than any other methods they have used before.  Help your clients master these lessons and share in the joy of gaining control of their fluency and, ultimately, their lives.

Copy the client activity pages or print them from the FREE CD.

Copyright © 1996

210-page book with a CD of reproducible pages, checklists, evaluation tools, forms, goals, and therapy activities; 60-minute audio CD
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