Transition to High School Course Starter Kit

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TARGET GROUP: 6th to 9th Grade

This complete program facilitates students' transition from middle school to high school through multimedia presentations including an engaging video and the Self-Advocacy Handbook.  The lessons are reinforced through the use of the well-structured Student Work Guide and the My Transitions Booklet.

The DVD features interviews with six real-life students with specific learning disabilities and/or ADHD before and after their transition to high school. They openly discuss the challenges they have faced and how they have attained success through self-advocacy and positive self-efficacy beliefs. This program is being implemented by regular & special education teachers, learning assistance staff and school counselors to assist elementary and middle school students in a successful transition to high school. Students gain greater confidence, become effective self-advocates, and learn how to plan for their academic future.

Sections & Key Concepts
Section One: About LD & ADHD

  • Understanding LD, ADHD; discussing misconceptions
  • Understanding your profile – strengths and difficulties
  • Self-evaluation
  • Defining your ‘success’
  • Focusing on your strengths

Section Two: Differences Between Elementary/Middle & High School

  • Understanding the differences
  • Deciding how the differences will affect you
  • Outlining your goals & strategies for dealing with these differences

Section Three: Transition Planning

  • Preparing in advance for high school
  • Developing goals for high school
  • Understanding more about learning assessments & IEP’s
  • Preparing for your IEP meeting (including self-directed meeting)
  • Learning to take control of your educational and life direction

Section Four: Being a Self-Advocate

  • Understanding what it means to be a good self-advocate
  • Describing your learning profile to teachers & others
  • Completing transition planning, goal planning & IEP worksheets
  • Understanding accommodations, strategies & technological aids
  • Turning your goals into action plans
  • Planning for social skill development


  • Self-Advocacy Handbook (5 pack)
  • Student Work Guide (5 pack)
  • My Transitions Booklet (5 pack)
  • 43-minute DVD with Discussion Guide