Treatment Protocols for Articulation and Phonological Disorders

Articulation and phonological disorders are among the most common speech disorders that clinicians treat in various professional settings—especially in public school. Treatment of these disorders requires extensive preparation and careful selection of target words containing single consonant and consonantal clusters. This book covers 26 consonant sounds in both word-initial and word-final positions and 37 consonant clusters and provides five essential elements for teaching each sound: a protocol to establish baserates, a baserate recording sheet, a protocol to teach sound production, treatment recording sheet, a protocol to probe for and record generalized production of new and untrained articulatory targets in the absence of treatment. All forms presented in the book are provided in user-friendly Microsoft Word documents on an accompanying CD-ROM which clinicians are encouraged to modify and reproduce. These heavily researched protocols will save enormous treatment planning and preparation time as well considerable effort involved in generating word containing target sounds. Also included is a detailed glossary defining all treatment terms.

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Treatment Protocols for Artic and Phonological Disorders

M.N. Hegde, Adriana Peña-Brooks