Treatment Protocols for Stuttering

M. N. Hegde, PhD
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Details: 308 pages, Softcover, 8.5 x 11" Included Media:CD

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-050-4

Release Date: 01/10/2006


  • Provides evidence-based treatment plans of action
  • Saves clinicians time and money in planning treatment programs
  • Written by one of the most prolific and best-selling authors in the field
  • Includes free CD with pre-scripted, modifiable forms for treatment planning and record-keeping


This book facilitates treatment planning and implementation for clinicians by providing evidence-based treatment protocols with detailed plans for teaching fluency skills to adults and children. As with his other recent books, the uniqueness of this collection lies in the author's approach, as each protocol gives the clinician a plan of action, in the form of scripted scenarios. Unlike step-by-step directions, which can leave room for ambiguity, these scripts specify the anticipated verbal and nonverbal actions the clinician and child are expected to exhibit.

Protocols for all major fluency targets are included, each containing a specific plan of action with examples of target behaviors for each fluency skill for an adult or child. These protocols save treatment planning time by presenting the clinician with procedures that have been proven effective in clinical and experimental studies, eliminating the need for clinicians to research teaching exemplars. Each procedure is designed as a self-sufficient, separate entity, so that clinicians need not refer back and forth to teach a particular skill.

An invaluable accompaniment to this book is the included CD, which is unique in that it allows maximum flexibility for the clinician. It contains most of the files a clinician will need to prepare for a fluency treatment session, including specific recording sheets for each target skill and behavior. Every document on the CD is both modifiable and printable, allowing the clinician to alter and reproduce any or all of these forms for use with specific clients.

This book provides an unprecedented wealth of resources for clinicians who treat adult and child fluency disorders, including: Evidence-based protocols for treatment; Flexible and facilitative scripted scenarios; Time-saving, researched, and proven plans of action; CD with modifiable and reproducible forms to allow individualized treatment and documentation.

    • Preface
    • Overview of Stuttering Treatment
    • Introduction to Stuttering Treatment Protocols and the CD Resource
    • How to Use the Accompanying CD
    • Part 1. Baserating Stuttering in Children
    • Part 2. Treatment of Stuttering in Preschoolers
      • Treatment Options
      • I. Fluency Reinforcement
      • II. Fluency Reinforcement Plus Corrective Feedback
      • III. Response Cost
      • IV. Promoting Maintenance of Fluency
    • Part 3. Treatment of Stuttering in School-Age Children
      • Treatment Options
      • I. Comprehensive Fluency Shaping Procedure
      • II. Prolonged Speech
      • III. Pause-and-Talk (Time-out)
      • IV. Response Cost
      • V. Promoting Maintenance of Fluency
    • Part 4. Baserating Stuttering in Adults
    • Part 5. Treatment of Stuttering in Adults
      • Treatment Options
      • I. Comprehensive Fluency Shaping Procedure
      • II. Prolonged Speech
      • III. Pause-and-Talk (Time-Out)
      • IV. Minimal Prolongation Plus Pause-and-Talk
      • V. Promoting Maintenance of Fluency
    • Glossary
    • References
    • Appendixes
    • Index

      CD Contents:
    • Adults
      • Comprehensive Fluency Shaping Procedure
      • Pause-and-Talk
      • Prolonged Speech
      • Minimal Prolongation Plus Pause-and-Talk
      • Treatment Options
      • General Forms
        • Baserate of Stuttering
        • Baserate Recording Worksheet
        • Progress in Treatment
        • Stuttering Probe Results Worksheet
        • Stuttering Probe Results
        • Treatment Recording Worksheet
        •  Preschoolers
          • Fluency Reinforcement Plus Corrective Feedback
          • Response/Cost
          • Treatment Options
          • Reinforcement
          • School-Age Children
            • Comprehensive Fluency Shaping Procedure
            • Pause-and-Talk
            • Prolonged Speech
            • Response/Cost
            • Treatment Options



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