Videofluoroscopic Review of Swallowing: Biomechanics

Roger D. Newman and Julie M. Nightingale
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Videofluoroscopic Review of Swallowing: Biomechanics, Physiology, and Pathology is a full-length DVD that shows real-time videofluoroscopic swallowing study (VFSS) images of the normal swallow and abnormal swallows seen in a variety of disorders, ranging from neurological to structural. A full radiological narrative accompanies the X-ray image sequences displayed in the DVD to assist the viewer interpret the images and enhance his or her own learning of the biomechanics of swallowing.

A VFSS is a modification of the standard barium swallow and enables the oropharyngeal, hypopharyngeal and proximal esophageal phases of swallowing to be functionally examined in fine detail. Visualizing the swallowing mechanism in action often assists in the diagnostic process and provides a baseline upon which the multidisciplinary team can create a treatment plan. However, simply reading a text or viewing static videofluoroscopic images does not facilitate full engagement of advanced learning of the technique, the different presenting disorders, and the potential swallowing modifications available to clinicians. It is essential that all professionals involved in the procedure demonstrate an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the interpretation of the VFSS, something which can only be achieved through real-time functional image interpretation.

Videofluoroscopic Review of Swallowing: Biomechanics, Physiology, and Pathology is an essential tool for the development of crucial diagnostic and treatment skills of the entire multidisciplinary VFSS team.


Details: DVD
ISBN13: 978-1-59756-463-2
Release Date:30/06/2012