Visual Analogue Self-Esteem Scale (VASES)

Shelagh Brumfitt
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Shelagh Brumfitt

ISBN13: 978-1-907826-53-5

Release Date: July 2020

Speech and language therapy has traditionally recognized the importance of an individual's self-esteem in responding to rehabilitation but rarely in a formal manner. There is an underlying difficulty in measuring self-esteem in a person with communication impairment because they are likely to have problems completing a self-rating scale due to reading or writing difficulties.

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VASES has been developed in response to this situation and is the first rating scale designed especially for the aphasic speaker. It can also be used with other people who have acquired communication impairments, such as dysarthric speakers. It is comprised of ten items and its validity has been established with a series of tests indicating that the measure is both accurate and stable, and provides a reliable and valid measure of self-esteem among adults with aphasia.

This new issue of VASES has been updated to reflect new research into self-esteem.