Vocal Fold Dynamics

Jack Jiang
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Vocal Fold Dynamics

Phonation Mechanism, Aerodynamics, Impact Stress, and Mucosal Wave


From one of the world's leading laryngologists, Vocal Fold Dynamics: Phonation Mechanism, Aerodynamics, Impact Stress, and Mucosal Wave is an interactive software program that clearly demonstrates the physical properties of vocal fold dynamics and provides the user with vivid animations of the vocal folds during normal phonation.

Designed for interactive instruction - whether for voice professional or client - the product features four animation modules: phonation mechanism, aerodynamics, impact stress, and mucosal wave. The phonation mechanism animation shows the changes in glottal airflow and subglottal pressure involved in the initiation of phonation; the aerodynamics animation demonstrates the vocal fold pressure and intraglottal airflow distributions during the closed, half-open, open, and half-closed stages of phonation; the impact stress animation shows the development of impact pressure, along with the motion of the vocal folds during normal phonation; the mucosal wave animation introduces the user to the concept of mucosal wave. This animation first presents mucosal wave by explaining the motion of a wave on a string and then moves to show the application of this wave concept to vocal fold movement.

This software provides valuable instructional tools for otolaryngologists, linguists, speech-language pathologists, speech scientists, and other voice and speech professionals, and their clients.


Details: CD-ROM
ISBN13: 978-1-59756-356-7
Release Date: 01/11/2008