Vocal Health and Pedagogy Vol 1

  • New fully revised and updated edition
  • Expanded materials with new chapters
  • Restructured into two volumes
  • Drawn from best-selling and acclaimed Professional Voice, 3rd edition to provide an affordable alternative for students and performers.


The new edition of this classic text has now been revised and expanded (with completely new chapters on children's singing, the aging voice, vocal health strategies for choral music educators, and vocal pedagogy and choral singing) to the extent that the work is now necessarily and logically divided into two volumes: Volume I: Science and Assessment and Volume II: Advanced Assessment and Practice.

This first volume focuses on the science behind the many common problems that afflict voice users and enables understanding of the medical approach to problem analysis. World-renowned clinicians and scientists, under the general authorship and editorship of Professor Sataloff, clearly present anatomical, physiological and neurological considerations, as well as covering critical issues relating to patient history, laryngeal function, the physical examination and historical perspectives of vocal pedagogy.

The book serves those undertaking vocal pedagogy courses in schools of music, as well as speech and language pathology. Additionally, it represents a valuable resource for professional and amateur performers and their teachers.

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Contributors
  • Introduction
    Robert Thayer Sataloff
  • Physics of Sound
    Robert Thayer Sataloff
  • Music and the Brain
    Thomas Swirsky-Sacchetti, Kelly Gilrain, Elizabeth Mandel, Joseph Tracy, Michael Sperling, and Steven Mandel
  • Allergy
    John R. Cohn, Patricia Padams, Mary J. Hawkshaw, and Robert Thayer Sataloff
  • Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Voice
    Robert Thayer Sataloff
  • An Overview of Laryngeal Function for Voice Production
    Ronald J. Baken
  • Laryngeal Function During Phonation
    Ronald C. Scherer
  • Vocal Tract Resonance
    Johan Sundberg
  • Voice Care Professionals
    Robert Thayer Sataloff, Yolanda D. Heman-Ackah and Mary J. Hawkshaw
  • Patient History
    Robert Thayer Sataloff
  • Special Considerations Relating to Members of the Acting Profession
    Bonnie N. Raphael
  • Physical Examination
    Robert Thayer Sataloff
  • The Clinical Voice Laboratory
    Reinhardt J. Heuer, Mary J. Hawkshaw, Robert Thayer Sataloff
  • The Singing Teacher in the Age of Voice Science
    Richard Miller
  • Historical Overview of Voice Pedagogy
    Richard Miller
  • Choral Pedagogy
    Brenda Smith and Robert Thayer Sataloff
  • Index