Vocal Health and Pedagogy Vol 2

  • New fully revised and updated edition
  • Expanded materials with new chapters
  • Restructured into two volumes
  • Drawn from best-selling and acclaimed Professional Voice, 3rd edition to provide an affordable alternative for students and performers.


The new edition of this classic text has now been revised and expanded (with completely new chapters on children's singing, the aging voice, vocal health strategies for choral music educators, and vocal pedagogy and choral singing) to the extent that the work is now necessarily and logically divided into two volumes: Volume I: Science and Assessment and Volume II: Advanced Assessment and Practice.

This second volume considers the medical and non-medical issues affecting the human voice, including diagnosis and treatment of voice problems, the effects of physical injury, posture, pollutants and irritants, psychological effects, voice therapy, medication, and much more.

The world-renowned contributors, under the general authorship and editorship of Professor Sataloff, present everything that students need for vocal pedagogy or speech and language pathology coursework, and that professional and amateur performers and their teachers must consider in their daily lives