Vocalic R To Go®

Vocalic R To Go®

Ages 6-17 years

This comprehensive, systematic program includes: 

  • deep tests of "r," vocalic "r," and oral motor skills
  • 24 ways to elicit "er"
  • auditory stimulation exercises
  • activities adaptable to word, phrase, and sentence level
  • numerous practice opportunities on each page
  • age-appropriate vocabulary
  • IEP goals
  • carryover activities including puzzles, riddles, barrier games, and other games

The activities are designed for easy measurement of progress.  Most of the lessons have a "challenge" exercise.  Children enjoy practicing and telling the "r" loaded jokes interspersed throughout the activities. 

Train production of vocalic /r/ in these contexts:

  • stressed "er" (bird, nurse, circle)
  • unstressed "er" (dinner, washer, singer)
  • "ar" (army, car, alarm)
  • "air" (arrow, square, canary)
  • "ear" (ear buds, sphere, cheerful)
  • "ire" (Irish, umpire, siren)
  • "or" (Oregon, score, fourteen)
  • "rl" (coral, girl)

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