Word-Finding Intervention Program (WFIP-2)

Word-Finding Intervention Program (WFIP-2)

Second Edition

The second edition of the Word-Finding Intervention Program provides professionals with specific interventions to address a learner's word-finding skills. Like its predecessor, the WFIP-2 uses a three-pronged approach to word-finding intervention: retrieval strategy instruction, self-advocacy instruction, and word-finding accommodations. After assessment of a learner's word-finding skills, retrieval strategies are matched to a learner's word-finding error patterns, and learners are presented with activities that encourage generalisation of these retrieval strategies at school, home, work, or play.


The WFIP-2 includes important changes and additions. The second edition is improved in its overall organisation and user-friendly presentation. It also offers better retrieval strategy selections and word-finding accommodations. You'll get lesson plans, specialist's forms, and integration of technology recommendations throughout. Specific improvements include:

•New research-supported mnemonic retrieval strategies

•New assessment discussion of the differential diagnosis of word-finding error types

•New organisation according to error patterns typically observed in individuals with word-finding difficulties

•Technology recommendations for retrieval strategy instruction, word-finding accommodations, oral presentations, and written language

•Improved, user-friendly lesson plans and student study forms

•New Word-Finding Self-Assessment Survey

•New Classroom Observation Form to identify needed word-finding accommodations

•New Recommended Word-Finding Accommodations Form to individualise word-finding accommodations 

Over the last 12 years, the Word Finding Intervention Program has become very popular and has been used in numerous schools, centers, and hospitals by speech-language pathologists, special education personnel, and reading teachers. This program can help you assess and treat children with word-finding difficulties.


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