WordBURST - A Word Recall Game

WordBURST: A Word Recall Game 

· Ages: 8-Adult
· Grades: 3-Adult  

This engaging, quick-thinking game focuses on four word-finding strategies for better word recall. It’s a perfect game for all ages. Use visual imagery, synonyms, word association, and sound/letter cueing to improve rapid word recall. 


· Improves word-retrieval skills
· Builds vocabulary
· Targets categorisation, association, and semantic skills
· Adds quick-thinking fun to therapy 


· Based on the popular game Outburst
· Targets four, research-based, word-finding strategies
· Includes game adaptations, so any number of students can play 

Quick! Name ten things you find in a refrigerator! Ready? Go! That’s the task in the popular game WordBURST. Your students learn and practice solid word-finding strategies to rapidly name ten items in a given category. These are the research-based strategies that SLPs know will help students with word recall and vocabulary building :


Visual Imagery

Create a picture in your mind of the item or where you would find the item. “Close your eyes and paint a picture of a grocery store. Imagine that you are walking down the fruits and vegetables aisle. Tell me what you see.”  


Think of a word that has a similar meaning.
big—large, huge, tremendous  

Word Association

Recall words by identifying attributes such as parts, function, location, color, size, shape, etc.
bird—nest, wings, fly, chirp, beak  

Sound/Letter Cueing

Recall a given word by cueing with the initial sound.
flowers—It starts with this sound: d (daisy) 

Game Play:

A player for Team 1 takes the top card, inserts it into the card sleeve, announces the word recall strategy and the stimulus category or word, and sets the timer.

For example: “The vocabulary area is Visual Imagery. The item is Things You See in the Sky.”  

Players on the receiving team try to think of as many answers listed on the card as they can, before the timer runs out. One point is given for each correct response. Play alternates between teams. The team with the most points is declared the winner.

Copyright © 1997  

Components: 100 Double-Sided Game Cards, 4 Category Divider Cards, Shielded Card Jacket, Two-Minute Timer, Grease Pencil, Game Instructions 




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