Workbook for Synonyms, Homonyms and Antonyms

Workbook for Synonyms, Homonyms and Antonyms  

TARGET GROUP: 8 through 14 year

Help school-age children focus on three areas of vocabulary - synonyms, homonyms, and antonyms - all in one workbook with reproducible activity pages. The worksheets and specific suggestions for supplemental teaching activities help minimise preparation time and are appropriate for use with individual students, small groups, or an entire class.

These activities can be completed quickly and may be used in therapy sessions, the classroom, or at home.

Activities are presented in order of increasing difficulty, with easy-to-follow instructions. They include:

•  Choosing word pairs
•  Sentence completion
•  Matching words to definitions
•  Unscrambling words
•  Rhyming Riddles
•  Crossword puzzles

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