Workbook in Nonlinear Phonology for Clinical Application

Workbook in Nonlinear Phonology for Clinical Application

Barbara Bernhardt and Joseph Stemberger


Do you work with, teach about, or study people with phonological disorders? Do you have clients with complex or confusing patterns of phonological errors or limited progress in therapy? Would you like to learn the latest concepts and procedures to take your phonological intervention techniques in new directions? This one-of-a-kind workbook gives you that opportunity.


This innovative new resource provides an explanation of current (nonlinear) phonological theories in terms of features, syllables, and word structures (including extensive practice exercises); and step-by-step procedures for designing a nonlinear phonological intervention program, including analysis forms, treatment ideas, and many examples from children with phonological disorders.


182 pages, paperback, 1999                                     ISBN 0-89079-810-9

8707... Workbook in Nonlinear Phonology for Clinical Application