Your Voice is Your Business


Your Voice Is Your Business: The Science and Art of Communication combines the latest in voice research and technology with the most powerful, state-of-the-art presentation skills and methods. The result is an integrated and comprehensive approach to connecting the technically-based aspects of voice production with an applied, skill-based grasp of interpersonal effectiveness. The book serves as both a practical handbook and a resource on human vocal production in real world settings. Relevant techniques of positioning, gesture, and paraverbals are incorporated in the study of successful voice presentation. Technical information is integrated into the text and reviewed at the end of each chapter.

This second edition responds to the desire of readers for an expansion of the topics, illustrations, and techniques they found helpful in the first edition. This text provides new information reported in recent speech-language pathology literature in two brand new chapters with vivid, powerful, and direct explanations and exercises.

This book has been designed for ease of use, whether you are a student of voice science or a person eager to use your communication abilities to their best advantage at work, on stage, or in everyday life. It contains terminology and references suitable to the serious student of the voice, as well as detailed, realistic scenarios to further any professional's knowledge on the art of human communication. It will be a staple in multiple fields including speech-language pathology, communications, theater and drama, and business.