The Z-Vibe provides the ultimate oral sensory stimulation: texture + vibration! You will love the combination of the ARK Probe's textured tip and the refined vibrations of the easy-grip handpiece. Just twist in the Probe tip and voila, it vibrates. Very easy. The standard Z-Vibe set includes an ARK Probe attachment-tip (light blue; 2.22cm in length), the vibratory handpiece, and a replaceable long life battery. The ARK Probe attachment-tip can be purchased individually, as well.


Based on need and experience, the Z-Vibe was designed by a speech-language pathologist with the goal in mind to create useful, quality intra-oral products.




Z-Vibe™ Regular Tip (Set of 3)

The Probe is an all around use tip.
TT124...Z-Vibe™ Regular Tip (Set of 3)  


Z-Vibe™ Preefer Tip (Set of 3)

Use the Preefer when a continuous rolling action is desired.
TT125...Z-Vibe™ Preefer Tip (set of 3)


Z-Vibe™ Mini Tip (Set of 3)

Use the Mini for smaller mouths.
TT126...Z-Vibe™ Mini Tip (set of 3)


Z-Vibe™ Round Green Tip (Set of 3)

Use the Round Tip for a continuous rolling action but when less texture is desired.
TT127...Z-Vibe™ Round Green Tip (Set of 3)


Z-Vibe™ Spoon Tip (Set of 3)
Z-Vibe™ Soft Spoon Tip (Set of 3)
Use the spoon tip to promote lip closure.
TT128...Z-Vibe™ Spoon Tip (Set of 3)
TT129...Z-Vibe™ Soft Spoon Tip (Set of 3)  


Z-Vibe™ Travel Kit

Kit includes 1Z-Vibe, dust cap, 2 regular, 2 preefer and 1 mini tip, vials and case.
TT131...Z-Vibe™ Travel Kit


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