Otolaryngology Prep and Pratice

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Otolaryngology Prep and Practice covers all the major specialty components of otolaryngology: general adult and pediatric otolaryngology, head and neck surgery, otology, and facial plastic surgery.

The goal of this book is to have users not just read, but more importantly, to remember key pieces of information. This book is interactive, has multiple visual aids, and uses a tiered system to help guide studying. The three-level system distinguishes material that is necessary for general otolaryngology examination purposes (for those seeking the basic fundamentals), from that required for higher level learning (for those taking subspecialty examinations), to that which is intermediate in importance. The content focuses on clinical management decisions and consequences, high yield material from an information retention standpoint. The text includes color photographs, diagrams, practice case scenarios, multiple-choice questions, and various means for self-assessment or studying with a partner.

Key features:

  • In-depth practice cases
  • 3-tiered focus questions for all levels
  • Over 80 multiple choice questions and answers
  • Highly-illustrated and full-color throughout


  • Steven Y. Park, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology(Jun 2013):
    "[T]he intended audience is for otolaryngologists preparing for board or re-certification examinations, it can also be used by practicing physicians as a lifelong learning tool. In contrast to various other board preparation textbooks or workbooks that teach relevant information by question and answer format or in prose, this book attempts to address different people’s learning styles. This is accomplished by dividing the book into five sections: case presentations, focus questions, radiology, histopathology, and multiple choice questions... The strength of this book is the comprehensive nature of addressing different reader’s learning styles...The lifelong student must first realize his or her own learning style and then choose options that are most conducive to active learning. This book adds tremendous value to what’s already available to new, as well as, experienced otolaryngologists."

  • Marc J. Gibber, MD, Bronx New York, Annals in Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology(2013):
    "The focus on active learning methods stands out and distinguishes this book; the authors present the material in a case-based, question-and-answer format, rather than as traditional narrative text. They accomplish this while still producing a well-organized and complete text...This thorough approach allows the book to be used as a resource for review or as a primary text. The authors of this book not only are experts in the field about which they write, but also are experts in education and the active learning model. This latter expertise is very evident, as the book is engaging, comprehensive, and remarkably easy to process despite its breadth and volume. The thorough histopathology section shines in particular as compared to other textbooks and review books in the field. The illustrations and photos in the "focus questions" section are first-rate...This new approach to learning will be a valuable tool for both residents and practicing physicians in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery. The larger education world has just taken notice of active learning, so as otolaryngoloists, we should applaud Drs. Shin and Cunningham, as early innovators in pioneering this approach in a fine text for our specialty."

  • Ms. Yasmin Abbas, BSc, MBChB, MRCS, ENT & Audiology News(2014):
    "Jennifer Shin and Michael Cunningham from Boston, USA have published an impressive book with 37 chapters in 1226 pages. It aims to enable the reader to retain ENT knowledge by presenting it in a way that enforces application of knowledge in an active learning process...The case presentations guide the reader through common but challenging cases, slowly building up the available information and providing high quality investigation results, to guide the reader through to the management of the case. The focus questions chapter is a quick-fire of pertinent and delving questions on the most encountered topics within all areas of otolaryngology practice with dedicated chapters for salivary, parathyroid and the facial nerve. By far the stand out sections of this book are the radiology and histopathology chapters. These build on the previous chapters with a plethora of detailed high quality pictures, annotated and explained in order to demystify an area that is unfamiliar to those graduating from medical schools in the last decade. I feel that this book has a place on the bookshelf of ENT registrars and residents on both sides of the Atlantic. It provides a good overall understanding and equips them with the armamentarium to tackle more complex cases as well as solidify knowledge in areas they may not have been exposed to. The book is rich in diagrams, charts, pictures, MCQs, case scenarios and much more in its own interactive style. A more substantive alternative to a dozen or so smaller publications seen in the last decade."

  • Edited by: Jennifer J. Shin, Michael J. Cunningham

    1272 pages, Color Illustrations (4 Color), Hardcover, 8.5 x 11"
    Release Date: