Voice Clinic Handbook The 2nd Edition

Second Edition

Edited by: Tom Harris and David Howard


Contributions from Dane Chalfin, Dinah Harris, Sara Harris, Marcus Hess, Julian McGlashan, Scott Moisik, Phiroze Neemuchwala, John Rubin


The long awaited second edition of The Voice Clinic Handbook is due for publication in May 2016.

Now completely updated and expanded, largely rewritten, and with contributions by world-leading voice practitioners, the book is a manual of good practice in the voice clinic, from measurement and instrumentation, through evaluation and treatment, to considerations for special populations, including singers and voice professionals.


Introduction - The Clinic

Part I: Outline of the structure and function of the Vocal Tract

1. The Structural Anatomy of the larynx and supraglottic vocal tract: a review. John S. Rubin

2. Vocal fold: structural and ultrastructural considerations for phonosurgeons. Tom Harris

3. Outline of common benign lesions causing dysphonia. Tom Harris

4. Mechanisms of respiration (the bellows). John S. Rubin

5. Aspects of functional anatomy: Laryngopharyngeal mechanisms in normal function and dysfunction. Tom Harris

Part II: Treatment Modalities

6. Principles and techniques of manual therapy: applications in the management of dysphonia.

7. Speech therapy for dysphonia. Sara Harris         

Section 1   The therapeutic process

Section 2   The treatment of voice disorders

8. Singing and Therapy

Section 1: Classical singing. Dinah Harris 

Section 2: Rock and Pop singing. Dane Chalfin

9. Psychogenic factors in dysphonia. Phiroze Neemuchwala

10. Drugs and the pharmacological treatment of voice disorder. Tom Harris

11. Phonosurgery: a brief overview. Tom Harris and Markus Hess

12. Visual observation of the laryngeal sound source and supraglottic vocal tract: an outline guide to the equipment and its use. Julian McGlashan

Part III: Equipment for measuring voice: uses and limitations

13. Practical voice measurement. David M Howard


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