• A new and revolutionary approach to stuttering drawing on neuroscientific advances.
  • Includes practical methodology for reducing stuttering through sensory and motor tools.


Totally unlike any other coverage of the subject, this textbook presents a new paradigm for understanding the nature and treatment of stuttering based on recent discoveries in neuroscience. The authors illustrate how visible stuttering manifestations are actually a solution to a central problem, acting as a compensatory mechanism for a central involuntary block, rather than a problem in themselves. This book features methods that reduce stuttering by inhibiting this central block, through the use of sensory and motor tools, notably mirror neurons, and shows readers that stuttering is not a condition that can be effortlessly "trained out" of the system or eliminated via simple speech retraining.

Clinicians and students alike will find this textbook a revolutionary and invaluable resource on stuttering.

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Joseph S. Kalinowski, Tim Saltuklaroglu