Preschool Phonology Cards

Preschool Phonology Cards

· Ages: 3-6

· Grades: PreK-1

Phonological disorders impact not only intelligibility but phonological awareness ability and literacy skills (Journal of Speech & Hearing Research, 38, 1995). Impairment in phonology impedes the development of effective communication, language, and/or speech (Clinical Guidelines of the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists; Crosbie, Holm & Dodd 2005; and Saben & Ingham 1991).

 · Reduce/eliminate these frequently-occurring phonological processes: cluster reduction, final consonant deletion, fronting, gliding, initial consonant deletion, and stopping

 240 JUMBO, colourful cards teach preschoolers target patterns of sound production for six phonological processes. The words are printed below each picture so you reinforce the speech to print connection as you help to improve these frequently occurring processes for the preschool population:  

· Cluster reduction. This task asks the child to delete one or more consonants from a two- to three-consonant cluster to create new words.  

· Final consonant deletion. The child deletes the final consonant in each word to create new words.  

· Fronting. The child replaces velar consonants (g,k) or palatal consonants (sh, ch, j) with alveolars (s, z, t, d) and creates new words.  

· Gliding. The child replaces liquids (r and l) with glides (w or j) and creates new words.  

· Initial consonant deletion. The child deletes the initial consonant in each word to create new words.  

· Stopping. The child replaces fricatives (f, v, s, z, sh, j, voiceless th, h) or affricates (ch, j) with stop consonants (p, b, t, d, k, g) to create new words.

Whether you target individual phonemes, patterns of production, or phonological contrasts, you will love using Preschool Phonology Cards in therapy. Use the cards for auditory bombardment, auditory discrimination, and minimal pairs training, too. There are 40 minimal pairs for each process. The cards are durable and are coated to resist damage. The artwork is colourful and the cards are the perfect size for little hands.

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Components: 240 3 ½" x 5" colourful, coated cards, sturdy box 

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