Rossetti Infant-Toddler Language Scale Complete Kit

Louis Rossetti
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Louis Rossetti

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Ages: 0 through 36 months
Testing time: Varies
Administration: Individual


This world-renowned scale identifies preverbal and verbal language development problems in infants to three-year-olds and provides essential information to early intervention team members.

The Rossetti Infant-Toddler Language Scale is designed to provide the clinician with a comprehensive, easy-to-administer, and relevant tool to assess the preverbal and verbal aspects of communication and interaction in the young child.

The Rossetti Infant-Toddler Language Scale is a criterion referenced instrument that assesses Interaction-Attachment, Pragmatics, Gesture, Play, Language Comprehension, and Language Expression.

Behaviors can be directly elicited from the child, directly observed, or reported by parent or caregiver to credit the child's performance.  All carry equal weight when scoring the scale.  Results reflect the child's mastery of skills in each of the areas assessed at three-month intervals across developmental domains tested.

The test items guide you in directing and structuring observations in order to monitor the child's progress in language developmental areas.  The items are based on a compilation of author observation and descriptions from developmental hierarchies and behaviors recognized and used by leading authorities in the field of infant-toddler assessment.  Only items considered discriminating and representative of a skill at an age were included.

Severity rating guidelines help you interpret the results and confidently communicate the severity of the child's delay.


  • Interaction Attachment -This subtest assesses the cues and responses that reflect a reciprocal relationship between the caregiver and the child.
  • Pragmatics - Assess the way the child uses language to communicate with and affect others in a social manner in this subtest.
  • Gesture - This subtest assesses the child's use of gesture to express thought and intent prior to the consistent use of spoken language.
  • Play - Assess the changes in a child's play that reflect the development of representational thought with this subtest.
  • Language Comprehension - This subtest assesses the child's understanding of verbal language with and without linguistic cues.
  • Language Expression - Assess the child's use of preverbal and verbal behaviors to communicate with others.


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