Autism and PDD: Comparatives/Superlatives - 5 Book Set

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Autism and PDD: Comparatives/Superlatives - 5 Book Set Ages: 3 - 7 Years

The stories are perfect for youngsters in early intervention including those with autism and developmental delays.  Use the books in your circle time or for individual work.  The age-appropriate artwork is uncluttered.  The stickers are stored in the book and keep their cling with a wipe of a damp cloth.

Each durable book targets one specific theme and nine comparisons and contrasts.

    • What Buddy Bear Has
      Buddy Bear has three cats.
      His orange cat is small.
      His brown cat is smaller.
      His gray cat is the smallest.
      Additional comparative/superlative words: soft, fat, old, wide, warm, curly, long, loud

    • What Buddy Bear Sees
      Buddy sees three bear cubs.
      The first cub is young.
      The second cub is younger.
      The third cub is the youngest.
      Additional comparative/superlative words: light, plain, high, deep, few, some, easy, muddy

    • What Buddy Bear Does
      Buddy Bear hangs three pictures.
      The first picture is low.
      The second picture is lower.
      The third picture is the lowest.
      Additional comparative/superlative words: dark, bright, short, large, happy, scary, wet, good

    • What Buddy Bear Finds
      Buddy Bear finds three butterflies.
      The blue butterfly is pretty.
      The red butterfly is prettier.
      The purple butterfly is the prettiest. .
      Additional comparative/superlative words: narrow, fuzzy, near, sleepy, full, fluffy, thin, tall

  • What Buddy Bear Likes
    Buddy Bear likes to roll balls.
    The beach ball is far away.
    The soccer ball is farther away.
    The basketball is farthest away.
    Additional comparative/superlative words: furry, noisy, big, cheap, easy, thick, sweet, hungry

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