Autism and PDD: Associations - 5 Book Set

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Autism and PDD: Associations - 5 Book Set

Ages: 3 - 7 Years

The stories are perfect for youngsters in early intervention, including those with autism and developmental delays.  Simple sentences with a repetitive story format build language and early literacy skills.  The adorable artwork is uncluttered.  The stickers are stored in the book and keep their cling with a wipe of a damp cloth.

Each durable book targets one specific theme and nine associations.

    • Buddy Bear Helps Mama Bear
      Buddy Bear mops the floor.
      What goes with a mop?
      A bucket goes with a mop.
      Additional associations: bed/pillow, chair/table, broom/dustpan, shelf/books, toy/toy box, trash/garbage can, robe/slippers, thank you/you're welcome

    • Buddy Bear Has Fun
      Buddy Bear paints a picture.
      What goes with paints?
      A brush goes with paints.
      Additional associations: crayons/coloring book, shovel/pail, boat/life jacket, bat/baseball, computer/mouse, piggy bank/money, game/dice, movie/popcorn

    • Buddy Bear Likes Animals
      Buddy Bear likes the bird.
      What goes with a bird?
      A nest goes with a bird.
      Additional associations: hamster/cage, frog/lily pad, spider/web, dog/bone, mouse/cheese, fish/fish bowl, rabbit/carrot, bees/honey

    • Buddy Bear Gets Ready for School
      Buddy Bear combs his hair.
      What goes with a comb?
      A hairbrush goes with a comb.
      Additional associations: soap/washcloth, toothbrush/toothpaste, toilet/toilet paper, pants/shirt, socks/shoes, pancakes/syrup, coat/hat, books/book bag

    • Buddy Bear Goes on a Picnic
      Buddy Bear has a fork.
      What goes with a fork?
      A spoon goes with a fork.
      Additional associations: picnic basket/blanket, salt/pepper, peanut butter/jelly, hot dog/ketchup, bread/butter, crackers/soup, cookies/milk, fun/friends

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